Thank you for choosing to look at my web site.  I hope that you will find some dresses or ideas that you will like.  My dresses are all made to measure to each individual person's requirements.  With an infinite variety of styles and decorations to choose from I can make what ever you want.  It is easier to choose if you have some idea of what you like to start with, so it is helpful if you have tried on many different styles before you decide, finally, on the design of your dress.  You may have a favourite dress that you feel comfortable with, and this is a very good place to start - look at similar styles and lengths, then more elaborate versions of similar styles.  You may combine several styles, or the preferred parts of several dresses.  Since the dress is your design, anything goes!   

I do all the work myself - first the measuring, and choosing the patterns, then I make up a sort of 'mock-up' (toile) if it is a close fitting bodice, so that I can decided the best way to make alterations to the pattern, then I start cutting the actual fabric of the dress.  I usually need to have at least 3 or 4 fittings, sometimes more if it is very fitted.  The dress has to fit you perfectly if you are to look your best.  This means that you will need to bring with you the underwear (and, for a long dress, the shoes for heel height)  that you plan to wear on your big day, so be prepared!  Please view the 'Gallery' to see some of the dresses I have made.